Monday, September 10, 2012

DeLUSHious Sunday Treats: Sultana of Soap

The Fancy Sultana of Soap..

One of my favorite things to look at when I stumble by complete accident inside of a LUSH store is their immense display of soaps. To say they have variety would be an understatement. There is so many different scents, colors and shapes of beautifully arranged soaps all around the store, so when I went to LUSH looking for a solid soap for my body, I was more than overwhelmed. However, I did what I do best; I followed directions from my nose. She guided me to this huge chunk of milky looking soap that had chunks of what looked like little rocks on the bottom. I touched the huge chunk with my bare hands and to my dismay, it almost started melting with my body heat, and I mean, I know I’m hot, but I never thought I would have said effect on a bar of soap ;) I dismissed the interesting, beautifully smelling soap thinking that if it melted in my hands, well, it wasn’t going to survive in my shower. I rinsed my hands and continued to walk around LUSH looking for another stunner product to take my heart, but as I walked around I couldn’t stop rubbing my hands together, they were so soft! Not only were my hands baby soft, but the scent from Sultana of soap was soooooooo mesmerizing, that I ended up taking a small chunk of it home. Sultana of Soap smells milky, sweet and fruity, it’s a pretty feminine smell and when it comes in contact with my skin, I feel like it becomes even sweeter and I love that it does. This soap is also very good at moisturizing your skin while also leaving it entirely clean; it lathers nicely with a loofa, but not on its own. As for its melting abilities, yes, if you leave it in the shower it will melt very quickly, however what I do to prevent wasting this soap is cut it into smaller pieces to use daily, instead of cutting a huge bar and keeping it in the shower. Now let’s talk about the rocky-looking surface of this soap, those little “rocks” are actually little bits of pieces of dry fruit, apricot to be precise, and I’m assuming it’s one of the reasons why this soap smells amazing. This is a great soap if you are looking for something moisturizing with a sweet delicate scent.

Just one more thing to keep in mind, this soap has fallout, those little bits and pieces of dried apricot could clog your drain, so make sure you have a catcher!
Would I repurchase this? Oh yes, you bet.

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