Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Review: Wet n' Wild Coloricon Eyeshadow Collection

There was a lot of talk of these Wet n Wild Coloricon Eyeshadow Collection palettes on blogs, and youtube so I decided to pick one up. There are three palettes: Comfort Zone, Petal Pusher, and Blue had me at Hello. I went with Blue had me at Hello mainly because of the teal colored shadow. I’d been on the hunt for a nice teal shadow for a while now, so I thought I’d give this one a try. The teal shade and the royal blue shade are the most pigmented of the palette. They all have a frost finish with exception of the matte black in the lower left and the glittery black in the lower right. The shimmery white, light blue, silvery blue, teal, and royal blue shades are very smooth in texture and are nicely pigmented. The matte black is not as smooth but still smooth in texture. The navy blue and glittery black are very dry and very sheer in color, which make them hard to blend and work with, and while they are the two most glittery of the palette, the glitter does not transfer well at all onto the eyelids. Besides the two dry shades, I’d say the palette is worth the purchase for the teal and royal blue shades, especially since the palette was only 5 dollars. You can find them at drugstores or on their website, so if you’re curious, check them out!

Petal Pusher :)

Angie: When these came out... I was sooo excited, I feel like I had always associated Wet n' Wild with being of bad quality. However these palettes sure changed my mind. I have six of their trios, and two of their 8-color palettes. This one is one of my favorite color combinations. Petal pusher consists of 8 greatly pigmented purple toned colors.

As with everything, not all of these are exceptionally good, but for 5 dollars you really can't go wrong. I find that i gravitate towards this, purple-gold color in the middle in the picture above. It is just such a beautiful color!! My least favorite is the white shade in this about chalky, and no matter what kind of primer i use with that shade, it just doesn't show up :( I created a look today with this palette and if I may say, I am very satisfied with how it turned out!!

please excuse my eyebrows, I'm due for a much needed waxing session!

The complete look.

Overall, I feel like these amazing palettes are well worth all the hype they got. I mean these are beautiful, nicely pigmented, wallet friendly eyeshadows. Nicely done Wet N' Wild!
I think these get an A in my book, how about yours?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

NOTD: Butter London Toff

How many of you went out to Ulta's Butter London buy one get one FREE sale on Tuesday?! Best bet I did!! Butter London nail polishes are great not only for their selection of colors and quality, but also because they are a "3 Free company," so their polishes do not contain formaldehyde, toluene, or DBP. Toluene and DBP are toxin's that have been linked to causing reproductive and developmental side effects on babies, and formaldehyde is a known human carcinogen (cancer causing). Now, the amount of exposure to these toxin's should also be taken into to account, so I don't want you guys freaking out on me because one or two of your polishes contain any of these. It's just like x-rays, if taken in moderation, no real harm is done. Any-who, Toff was one of the colors I picked up since I like purple-toned colors for the fall. It is described as "a darker, dustier, brownish variation on a rose pink." It applied beautifully, very smooth and practically complete opacity with a single coat. I still applied two coats though (force of habit) and a top coat :) I absolutely love this polish and think it'll flatter any skin tone so next time you're at Ulta give it a look! You can also find these polishes on their website .

Happy Sunday! <3

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall Giveaway!! **Closed**

Hello Beauty Addicts :)
Happy Friday! What better day to celebrate a nice sunny Friday, than to announce Beautyshots first giveaway!!
I am so excited about this giveaway, we have been planning it for quite some time, but we have just gotten the resources to do it lol. The prizes are as follows.

1 Essie Nail Polish. (you can choose between three shades: Lady Like, Angora Cardi or Mocachino)
Maybelline Lipstick in Mauve-lous
Milani Blush in Fantastico


a surprise gift :D wouldn't you like to know what it is...hehe

So for the rules:
1. You must be a follower of our blog.
2. You have to create a look that you think is perfect for fall and submit a photo of said look to

3. On said E-mail you must explain what your favorite thing about fall is and why :)
4. Must be 18 or older to enter.

That's it! Good luck to everyone, we will be choosing a winner on October 31th. Please have your entries submitted by October 30th.
Also, Unfortunately this is not an international giveaway, all participants, must have a US address.

Thanks in advance for your submissions! :D

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Michelle!!

Today Michelle turned 21!! I am so excited for her, but at the same time pretty sad since she lives pretty far and i only get to see her about twice a year :/ Today i just wanted to take you down to memory lane...yaaaaaay and show you some of our pictures from back in high school :D
our high school years!! i love all these girls soooo much :)

the hunt for the perfect winter formal dress, it would have not been the same without you Michelle.
I love you!!

This picture makes me laugh, first because we are so goofy looking in it, and second because at the time, i would never wear this dress and now i actually think its pretty cute :D
and the actual winter formal dance!! it was such a special night, it would have not been the same without my michelle.
of course we werent always so ...glamourous, but its ok, it was high school and we were still rocking them glasses.
Then there were also times when Forever 21 would kick us out of their fitting rooms...but we wont discuss that :D

Michelle, there are so many reasons why i love you, but today on your special day. I decided i would list 21 of those reasons. Enjoy!
  1. you kinda look like Vanessa Hudgens, just admit it already!
  2. I can be in the crappiest mood ever and all you have to say is "baby you can have whatever you like" and suddendly I'm smiling!
  3. I can tell you I love you without anyone knowing what I'm saying and i just know that you verb me tamales :)
  4. We can stay on the phone for hours and never run out of things to say
  5. We will randomly text each other song lyrics and text a whole song to each other by the end of the day.
  6. There is no one else that eats cookie dough ice cream under a big puffy blankie with me.
  7. We can have fun while staying at home, doing nothing but talk about make up.
  8. I love you because we will take over 60 pictures together, and we both are equally picky that we will only like 5.
  9. I love you because even though you are one of the most beautiful girls i know, you are very humble about your looks.
  10. I love you because you said "why dont we just go to the carritooo" like you were born in a barrio in east L.A.
  11. I love you because back in high school, you though Max was yours, but really he was mine :P
  12. You are honest with me all the time but never rude.
  13. You spilled gasoline all over my pants. Yes, that is one of the reasons i love you.
  14. You love my homemade chessecake <3
  15. We can watch friends all day and never get bored.
  16. We finish each other sentences. yup thats cheessy.
  17. We went out partying before my wedding and i forgot my ID and you stuck with me till the end of the night even though after i got my ID we only ended up dancing like 30 minutes lol
  18. Because you are so hot, that i immediatly feel hotter when im with you.
  19. We think youtube is probably the best invention ever.
  20. You have stuck with me and conforted me through all my break ups and I know I wasn't so easy to be around some of those times.
  21. I love you because we have been through so many things together, that you dont feel like a friend anymore. You feel like my sister, my partner in crime, my personal shopper, my make up artist, my psychologist, my dentist and my endless bear hug provider. Happy Birthday Michelle!


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Drugstore Haul!!

Clockwise: Sally Hanson Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat, Essie-Russian Red, Essie-Tart Deco, Hard Candy Matte Top Coat, Orly-Rage, Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss-Bordeaux, Milani Easyliner For Eyes Glitter Retractable Pencil-Purple Quartz, Milani LIQUIF'EYE Metallic Eyeliner Pencil-Black, Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush-Peach Satin, Salon Perfect-102

Hey guys! So I was a bit naughty the other day and grabbed a few things from the drugstore. Let me start with nail polish (my current obsession!). I got two Essie polishes, Tart Deco and Russian Red. Tart Deco is like a creamy peachy coral color and Russian Red is your basic cherry red color. I got an Orly nail polish in Rage which is a rose-gold color. Then I got two topcoats, the Sally Hanson Insta-Dri Anti-chip Top Coat, for that glossy finish, and the Hard Candy Matte Top Coat, which if you haven’t already figured it out gives a matte finish to any polish you already own. I got the matte top coat specifically to put over black polish, just gives your nails a different but classy look. Moving on I decided to try the Neutrogena SkinClearing foundation. It’s oil free and contains 0.5% salicylic acid to treat blemishes so it sounds perfect for my oily-acne prone skin haha we’ll see how that goes. And if you're wondering I'm in the shade 110 Honey Beige. I finally gave in and got two Milani eyeliners, one is the Liquif’Eye metallic eye liner in 01 Black and the other is a retractable in 03 Purple Quartz which is a glittery purple. I have heard SO many good things about these eye liners that I honestly don’t know why it took me this long to get them but better late than never, right?  Ok nearly done, I also got Revlon’s Colorburst lipgloss in the color Bordeaux which is a vampy red color, gorgeous! I have fallen in love with the texture of these Revlon lipglosses so I had to get another one.  Another thing I’ve really grown to love is the Maybelline Dream Mousse blushes! I already had one in the color Soft Plum so now I picked up the color Peach Satin. Last but not least I got a pair of Salon Perfect 102 eye lashes just because eye lashes are ALWAYS fun to play with.

Well that’s it! For now of course, hope you enjoyed!

Happy Sunday <3