Monday, February 27, 2012

Soleil Tan De Chanel (Bronze Universel)

*note, this is the last product that I allowed myself to splurge on, before fully commiting to my make up no buy, enjoy the review!
Angie says:
Dear Soleil Tan de Chanel, I feel like I have known you for a long time. The first time I saw you, it was on someone’s beauty channel on YouTube. The year was 2009 and I actually did not have this mad love of makeup that I have now, yet I knew that I wanted you. Pale girls like me are always looking for the great sun-kissed glow that sometimes not even the sun can provide for us. Seriously, what’s with getting sunburned and after the red disappears still being pale? It’s not like I get sunburned on purpose, but geez universe, cut me some slack will you? Then you went ahead and disappeared, which was a little good for me, since there was no way that I would pay almost fifty dollars for you, just no way. When you came back into my radar you had changed your name, but looked exactly the same, and you were still 48 dollars. Not much had changed, but one vital thing had indeed changed, I no longer just liked makeup, I was absolutely crazy for it.  Suddenly 48 dollars did not seem so much, especially for a product I had been lusting over for a very long time. Now you are mine and here is what I have to say about you to the world.

Hey there gorgeous ;)

What it is: While this product acts as a cream bronzer for many beauty junkies out there, it is actually a bronzing make up base. I believe it is meant to be used under your bronzer for durability and intensity, or under your foundation for added color, and durability of foundation.

What I use it for: Cream bronzer
The product
Sadly, I made a tiny dent in this, trying to get a brush hair out -_-

The good: Let’s start with the product itself, it’s very creamy and pigmented and a little of this goes a long way. It lasts pretty much all day on my skin, and truly does make me achieve a sun-kissed glow. The finish is quite natural if you apply lightly and especially if your skin has yellow undertones. Now for packaging, uh, well, it’s HUGE, every time I saw it on someone’s blog or YouTube, it looked big, but not as big as it is in person it’s actually 30g which is about the same size of your typical foundation, since I paid a good buck for this, this aspect of the product is very good news to me. The packaging is lovely, very Chanel like, classic, elegant and with the logo that we all love to see.

swatches (one blended, one heavy swatch)

The ehh: I love almost everything Chanel; however I hate the fact that they put a scent to some of their products. I have sensitive skin, so I hate putting scented things on my face; it makes me very paranoid of breaking out. I still haven’t experienced any kind of break out since using this product, which is great, so we will see. The scent also does not smell very good to me, but since you can only smell it when first applied, it’s not a huge deal.
The bad-ish: It took me a while to find out the best way to apply this product, and I am guessing that depending on what you like it might take you a while too. When I finally found the best brush to use this with, I faced a different dilemma. Brush hairs get caught in this product, making it appear dirty and old. Also kind of bad is the fact that it costs 48 dollars. This is not a big deal to me, because after I received
the product in the mail, saw how big it was and actually used it on my skin, I came to the conclusion that this to me, is worth every penny.

The brush I use: I use the elf studio blush brush to buff this into my skin, yes elf! I love my elf studio brushes so much.

Should you get it? While I am not sure if this will work for darker skin tones, I think that if you are light to medium skin, you can definitely get a use out of this. If you are even slightly interested I would really look into it. If you can, go to a Chanel counter and test it out.

This product for me is a winner, and definitely one of the best products I own.

Monday, February 20, 2012

one of everything!! a make up diet :D

Angie says:

Hello Ladies! Some of you might already be aware that I am planning on going on a makeup diet, if you weren’t well, now you are! This whole idea came about when I was watching one of Experimentalbeauty’s project pan updates. I gotta say, this girl has will power, I am pretty sure that she has done some kind of makeup diet more than once, which I admire so much. That’s how the seed of this idea was planted in my head, but I didn’t take it seriously until I was at CVS coupon in hand and was struggling to find something I actually wanted. It literally took me about a half hour to spend 5 dollars, I just didn’t need or really want anything from there that usually never happens to me, I always want something beauty related, always! That same night as I got home and opened my beauty drawer to put my new purchase in, I realized I was running out of space. I had been running out of space for a while though, I had in the past month, rearranged my beauty drawers countless times, and frankly I was getting a bit tired of it. I usually buy make up at least twice a week, not huge amounts of makeup, or even expensive makeup, but most of the things I buy are unnecessary items, I buy them either because they are on sale, or because I have some kind of coupon. I’m talking to you, CVS and Target 
So the decision was made, I am on a makeup diet, it’s not a 10-pan project though, I am only allowing myself a new makeup item when I finish one of everything that I own, this includes:
1 moisturizer
1 face primer
1 Foundation
1 concealer
1 powder
1 eye primer
1 eyeshadow (but also hit pan on two others)
1 eyeliner
1 mascara
1 eyebrow product
1 blush
1 bronzer ( I actually might just try to hit pan on this one, because I almost never wear bronzer)
1 lip balm
1 lipstick
1 lipliner
1 lip gloss
1 lip plumper
1 lip stain
That’s it! 18 products to go lol, I know it is going to take a while, so I allowed myself one last splurge. I finally purchased the Soleil tan de Chanel or Bronze Universel, I can’t even tell you how long I have wanted this product, but the price tag always made me not get it. On that same note, two days before I reached my decision about the diet I placed an order on for some Barry M lip paints, so expect swatches and a review of those!
The rules:
No makeup item to be purchased at all, unless I have finished all the products I have mentioned above.
Exceptions: I’m not counting hair care, as I usually never spend much in that department, also I am excluding certain tools, such as cotton rounds, q –tips and baby wipes. Maybe even tweezers, since I tend to lose those so much lol.
That’s it! I hope I can do this and actually stick to my rules, it’s going to be hard but I think I can do it.
What do you gals think??

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wishlist: February 2012

While browsing through beauty blogs the other day, I came across Amarixe's "Beauty Wishlist" post and just HAD to make a list of my own. Haha. So here it is guys, the list of beauty products that have been gnawing at my wallet, and just might make their way thru!

  1. Mac's Party Parrot Lip Stick $14.50
This lipstick is from Mac's Iris Apfel collection released only a few weeks ago. It is described as a "bright red-pink" and has a matte finish. Lately I've definitely been enjoying matte lips and with spring right around the corner, this lip stick would be perfect! This is a limited edition shade so I suggest getting your hands on one before it's too late, if you're interested of course.

2. Chanel's Blush Horizon De Chanel $58
This blush is part of their Spring 2012 Harmoine de Printemps collection. Again this is a limited edition product. It combines 5 different shades of pink and peach tones, with the Chanel logo imprinted in the powder. It just looks so elegant, who wouldn't like taking this out of their purse?!

3. Real Technique's Core Collection $18
I already have a few of the Real Technique brushes by Samantha Chapman and have been sooooo pleased with them. They don't shed what so ever, they're so soft, and they apply make up flawlessly. I bought their eye brushes set and unfortunately had to return them, not because of the quality or anything like that, simply because I did not find them to be essential. I already have enough eye shadow brushes in my collection, so just couldn't justify getting more. Their face brushes on the other hand I can no longer live without! Plan on getting them all eventually :)

4. Origins Zero Oil Pore Purifying Toner $19.50
I haven't used a toner in a very, very long time. In case you haven't read in other posts, I have oily acne prone skin, so I'm constantly on the hunt for products that will help reduce oil in order to prevent breakouts. I have really sensitive skin and have had trouble with a lot of products so I want to try more natural products. I've heard a lot of good things about Origins, so who knows, I might give in to this toner soon.

Well, there you have it, my current wishlist. Maybe this means you'll be seeing a haul soon? Haha.

What's on your wishlist?


Monday, February 6, 2012

Favorite Lip products of 2011!! (yes I know its February :P )

It’s been a while, a very long while if I may add. I guess sometimes your life outside the internet can get in the way of blogging haha. Anyway, I am not going to bore you with all the things that got in the way of me making this post, let’s just say life sometimes doesn’t want you to accomplish anything :P

These are my favorite lip products of the year 2011! I am a total lip product junkie, and this was kind of a challenge for me considering how many products I had to choose from. However I think I did a decent job of narrowing it down, you’ll notice I don’t have a category for lip liners, that’s simply because, well, I don’t wear lip liner and I didn’t just want to show you the lip liners I had, when they aren’t even a favorite product of mine. With that in mind, let’s get started!

Favorite Lip Balms:

EOS Lip Balms: These were such a hit this year, which is not surprising to me at all. They are moisturizing, smell wonderful and have incredibly cute packaging. I don’t think I can go a day without using these.

Any cons? While the packaging is cute, it’s a little bulky to carry around; this is definitely not one of those lip balms you can carry in your pants pocket.

Yes to Carrots Lip balm: Another wonderfully moisturizing lip balm. This is perfect for when I need some instant repair on my lips, it takes care of any flakiness and dryness and it leaves my lips feeling soft and smooth. Also it’s organic!

Any cons? Along with a lot of Yes to products, it can be a little pricey.

Favorite Lip plumper:

ELF Lip primer and Plumper: Let’s first get one thing straight, I only like the plumper side of this product, I find the primer to be completely useless! However the plumper in my honest opinion is really good. It makes my lips nice and full and reddens them quite a bit, which I like. It does sting a bit, but when it comes to plumper, I don’t mind a little bit of pain.

Any cons? It can be a little hard to find, and I really wish they would sell it separately from the primer.

Micabella Lip Plumper: This stuff is truly amazing; it pretty much makes me look like Angelina Jolie has kindly donated her lips to me. It’s a clear gloss, so it makes your lips look nice, plump, red and shiny with just the tiniest amount of product.

Any cons? Really hard to find for me, it’s usually in mall kiosks, but not all malls have a MIcabella stand, and it is pretty darn expensive.

Favorite day time lipsticks:

Mac Lipstick in Cremecup: This is the perfect pinky nude for me; its subtle and very appropriate for everyday wear, what I also love about it is that I don’t have to think much about my make up when I wear this. I don’t have to plan out all the colors on my face, it pretty much plays well with anything.

Any cons? It’s kind of expensive.

Revlon’s colorburst lipstick in Petal: Another great pink lippie. This one is a bit more dramatic, or I guess not as subtle is a better description. It’s a gorgeous mid tone pink with just a touch of golden shimmer. It’s truly beautiful when paired with a coral blush and thick eyeliner on the top lash line.

Any cons? I guess the only complaint I had is that I really wish they had some kind of scent. A light Vanilla scent would be awesome.

Revlon’s Colorburst Lipstick in Soft nude: This is the perfect nude in my opinion. It’s doesn’t make my lips look incredibly pale and it’s something that I can wear every day. It’s pigmented creamy and very affordable.

Any cons? Again, I wish they had a scent.

No.7 Stay Perfect Lipstick in Mischievous: Can you tell I like pink?? This lipstick is sooo pretty on. I automatically feel like a princess when I put this on, it is super girly. I allow myself a couple super girly days every now and then. Along with that it is super pigmented and lasts quite a while on my lips.

Any cons? It can be a bit drying, and it’s a bit pricey for a drugstore product.

Favorite Nighttime or Special Occasion Lipsticks:

Mac Lipstick in Ruby Woo: Perfect lipstick to feel instantly glamorous. The color is an amazing red that suits almost everyone, it’s a bit blue toned, but I haven’t met anyone who can’t pull this off. It’s very matte, which I actually like when it comes to dark lipsticks and quite long lasting. It’s definitely one of my all-time favorite make up products, and a great staple in my collection.

Any cons? Yeah it can be pretty drying, but nothing a little bit of lip balm can’t solve.

Limecrime Lipstick in Retrofuturist: Another great red for a glam look. This one is a bit more subtle than Ruby Woo and its warmer toned. It’s not super bright so it’s another no brainer lipstick for me.

Any cons? It stains a little, which I don’t mind that much, but it’s kind of a pain to take it off sometimes. Also it’s a bit pricey.

Maybelline’s Color sensational Lipstick in Mauve-ulous: This one is amazing for nights in the fall, and I find that it looks especially great on my light skin, it really pops. The formula is super nice and creamy and not overly matte.

Any cons? Color is a bit hard to pull off.

Favorite exceptional or unique colors:

·         Mac Costa Chic

·         Limecrime D’lilac

·         Revlon Siren

·         Revlon Lip Butter Gumdrop

·         Mac Impassioned

Favorite Lip Gloss

So I guess I’m kind of snobby when it comes to Lip Gloss, because the only formula I like, let me rephrase, the only lip gloss I LOVE and I will use is:

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss

The shades I have are

·         Pink Pop

·         Coral Reef

·         Nude Lustre

·         Pink Pursuit

Best Lip product releases of 2011

Drum roll please…

Revlon Lip Butters!

I am sure that you have seen tons of reviews on these amazing lip butters, but just to refresh your memory, they are creamy, pigmented and super smooth.  And at about 7 dollars a pop, these are a definite must have.

Nyx Matte Lip Creams

Not quite a lipstick, but not quite a lip-gloss. These are exactly what they are described as, a matte cream. They are really pigmented and look great on the lips. Also the lasting power is great on these!!

Favorite Lip Stain:

ELF Lip stain in First date: this is another great pink Lip product, it reminds me a lot of the no.7 Lipstick but in a much more durable formula.

Any cons? A bit drying.

So there you have it! I am sorry it took so long, but better late than never i guess ;)
hope you guys have an amazing night!!
<3 Angie

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Review: Illamasqua Cream Blusher

Hey guys! I’m back with a new review, this time on Illamasqua’s Cream blusher in Rude. If any of you are familiar with the Pixiwoo sisters on Youtube, and if you’re not you should be, then you’ll know how fond they are of some of Illamasqua’s products.  Before discovering the Pixiwoo sisters, I’d never even heard of the Illamasqua brand; however, since in my opinion Sam and Nic and the BEST make up artists on Youtube, I have complete trust in their choice of products and became eager to give Illamasqua a try. Illamasqua tends to lean on the more dramatic side of make up, consisting of very pigmented, very intense colors, which I quite like for nights out and such. When I noticed Illamasqua became available at Sephora, I was ecstatic! On the other hand, I was also overwhelmed with all the products they had to offer, I didn’t know where to start. The decision became quite easy when I saw they had cream blushers. I’d been itching to try cream blushers for quite some time, and when I started reading through the reviews and saw that many commented on Sam using the cream blusher in Rude in one of her tutorials, my decision was made. I bought the blusher as a Christmas gift to myself (come on, I know you’ve all bought yourselves a gift at least once!) and was so excited when I received it in the mail.

Illamasqua Cream Blusher in Rude

It is described as a “warm coral pink” color, heavily leaning on the orange side if you ask me, which at first was a bit intimidating. But as you can see in the swatches, you can blend it out to get a very sheer wash of color, and build up from there as you please. The shade is perfect against my medium skin tone though! It looks so natural and adds a bit of a glow to my complexion. This will be lovely for the spring time along with a bright lip! I have oily skin, and I know I’m supposed to stay away from cream products, but I don’t have any troubles using this. I do use a translucent powder over the top of it just to be safe though. I love the pigmentation, it’s so rich that it only takes a dab to get its full effect. I am sure this blusher will last me ages! It is somewhat pricey, at $24, but it’s worth it if you ask me. I wouldn’t hesitate trying out other of their products, so if any of you have recommendations please let me know!