Thursday, August 30, 2012

DeLUSHious Sunday Treats: Honey Trap

Thanks to one of my best friends (who just happens to be very influential on me) I am now a honey lover. I even put honey on my water now for crying out loud. So when we went to LUSH together and sniffed the tester for Honey Trap, we both longed to have it, but as luck would have it, they were out of stock at our local LUSH. That same night I made an order online and ordered one of the Honey Trap lip balms for me, and one for her. Fast forward to two days later, and I found myself at LUSH again, I just can’t stay away, seriously and I asked if they had received more of the Honey Trap lip balms, alas! They had, and I purchased one even though I had one expected to arrive at my home soon. Well, I’ve been using it for four days, and I feel I’m ready to review.
Honey Trap

The smell is divine, it smells like honey and even a hint of chocolate, It’s really sweet when you smell it, so I was half expecting it to taste sweet too, but it fell short on those expectations. Now, I know one doesn’t eat lip balm, but let’s face it, when you apply something to your lips, you are bound to taste it no matter what, which is why I always like sweet lip balms. Also if you are big on smooching your significant other, sweet lips is the way to go. The good thing is that even though it doesn’t taste sweet, it doesn’t taste bad either, it literally tastes like nothing. The texture of this balm is quite waxy, which is something else I find off-putting, I do feel that it moisturizes my lips beautifully, but the waxy texture makes it take longer to soak in to my lips, and as a result it feels pretty heavy, almost like I’m wearing a really heavy lipstick. This is not a bad lip balm by any means; I just prefer my balms to have a lighter smoother texture (think Jack black lip balm or even the YSL sheer candy, those are superb). If I don’t love it so much, why do I keep reapplying? Well it’s that succulent smell! I just can’t seem to get enough of it, but sadly that’s the only thing that makes me use it. I’m definitely going to pass on trying other flavors of this balm, as it left so much to be desired. Hey, you can’t expect me to love everything LUSH it’s just impossible.
Hope you guys found his helpful!
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