Saturday, September 22, 2012

Wishlist for Fall and Winter!

Wish list for fall and winter 2012!
What I would really love this fall, is actually to take a vacation, but wishing for that while knowing it’s not going to happen, well it’s a tad bit painful. So here are some products I wish to purchase for fall, I probably will only end up buying two or three of these items as the economy is pretty bad, but hey wishing is free!

1.       A Michael Kors handbag.
Yes, you just read about me complaining about how poor I am, yet I have the audacity to say I want a name brand purse. However I have wanted one of these babies for a long time now. While I don’t think I will purchase this for myself this season, maybe I’ll buy it for myself as a Christmas present, because I know Santa won’t buy it for me, I’m probably at the top of his naughty” list.
Someone likes them big... ;)

2.       An Inglot Palette.
Yes, I still want one of those beautifully arranged palettes. I dream of their buttery texture and impeccable pigmentation, unfortunately I haven’t saved up to buy myself one of these palettes yet, I might even wait for IMATS LA in January, I guess we will see.

oh Inglot, someday you will be mine

3.       Shine So Bright! From LUSH
I’m pretty sure I’m going to own this by the end of this month, heck, maybe even this week. I adore LUSH and their innovative products, and having split ends, I really want to give this LUSH product a try. Here is what it promises:

Mend those ends
“We've concocted a beautiful balm to repair split ends and help hair shine so bright. Extra virgin coconut and olive oils, shea butter and fresh free range eggs nourish and improve the strength of hair to help mend split ends. Add to that an orange flower, grapefruit, neroli and rosewood perfume and you won't want to leave home without this! “

What can I say? I have a love affair with LUSH

4.       Cute boots!
More specifically high heeled booties, I love boots and heels and there is something about boots that just screams fall for me. There is nothing more satisfying for me than to step on a crunchy leaf during the fall while wearing a hot pair of booties, bonus points if I have a pumpkin-spice latte in hand, oh fall, how I love thee!

 I could totally rock these booties from Forever 21

5.       A cute warm scarf.
I really like scarfs but I rarely wear them due to the fact that San Diego, for the majority of the year, is pretty warm so I save my scarf-wearing abilities for the fall/winter time. However, when I was moving into my new apartment I noticed that all the scarfs are have are cute, yet a bit old, and not really warm, they are accessories more than anything, so they couldn’t help at all if I actually wanted extra warmth, which is why I would love a cashmere scarf.

This scarf from H&M would look good paired with that Michael Kors bag...hmmmm


       6.     Tights!
I wear a really ugly blue shirt for my desk job, and I’m often trying to make it less apparent. I’m all for wearing my uniform, but my work-shirt is just so awkward fitting and not at all flattering. I take every chance I get from taking people’s eyes of that shirt, which is why I love wearing tights under my skirts in the colder months. I feel like they give my whole appearance more of an elegant look or at least they make the whole attire appear less boring.

Totally wish I could have these now, oh H&M why  must you not have an online shop for the US??

That's all folks! hope you have a lovely weekend, see you tomorrow for my weekly Lush review!

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