Thursday, August 30, 2012

DeLUSHious Sunday Treats: Honey Trap

Thanks to one of my best friends (who just happens to be very influential on me) I am now a honey lover. I even put honey on my water now for crying out loud. So when we went to LUSH together and sniffed the tester for Honey Trap, we both longed to have it, but as luck would have it, they were out of stock at our local LUSH. That same night I made an order online and ordered one of the Honey Trap lip balms for me, and one for her. Fast forward to two days later, and I found myself at LUSH again, I just can’t stay away, seriously and I asked if they had received more of the Honey Trap lip balms, alas! They had, and I purchased one even though I had one expected to arrive at my home soon. Well, I’ve been using it for four days, and I feel I’m ready to review.
Honey Trap

The smell is divine, it smells like honey and even a hint of chocolate, It’s really sweet when you smell it, so I was half expecting it to taste sweet too, but it fell short on those expectations. Now, I know one doesn’t eat lip balm, but let’s face it, when you apply something to your lips, you are bound to taste it no matter what, which is why I always like sweet lip balms. Also if you are big on smooching your significant other, sweet lips is the way to go. The good thing is that even though it doesn’t taste sweet, it doesn’t taste bad either, it literally tastes like nothing. The texture of this balm is quite waxy, which is something else I find off-putting, I do feel that it moisturizes my lips beautifully, but the waxy texture makes it take longer to soak in to my lips, and as a result it feels pretty heavy, almost like I’m wearing a really heavy lipstick. This is not a bad lip balm by any means; I just prefer my balms to have a lighter smoother texture (think Jack black lip balm or even the YSL sheer candy, those are superb). If I don’t love it so much, why do I keep reapplying? Well it’s that succulent smell! I just can’t seem to get enough of it, but sadly that’s the only thing that makes me use it. I’m definitely going to pass on trying other flavors of this balm, as it left so much to be desired. Hey, you can’t expect me to love everything LUSH it’s just impossible.
Hope you guys found his helpful!
Until next time..

Sunday, August 26, 2012

DeLUSHious Sunday Treats: Trichomania Solid Shampoo

Something strange has happened to me, and I think it’s time that everyone in the beauty community is made aware of it-it’s time to come clean. My name is Angie, and I’m a LUSH addict. Ha! No, but really. Ever since I stepped foot in that store for the first time, I knew I was going to have a long term relationship with it. I can’t really explain what happens to me when I get in there, it’s like all my senses awaken and while my nose gets happy, I can almost hear my wallet scream in fear when I take a bath bomb close to my face and take a whiff. Oh the scents! I absofreakinlutely adore lush. Hence, this new series, that as the name suggest will come weekly every Sunday (until I run out of LUSH products) to review a product from LUSH, simple enough? Alright, let’s do this.


I can almost hear you say “Angie, when did you start reviewing cheese for BeautyShot?” And let me tell you fellow beauty junkies, I haven’t yet. That insignificant-looking white block that you see up there is as a matter of fact, solid shampoo from LUSH. Let me tell you more about my little friend, I’m not quite good at describing scents, but for you, I’ll give it my best shot. Has anyone ever asked you what you would take with you to a deserted island?? I’ve been asked that question before and while I never know what to answer, when I hear the phrase “deserted island” something strange happens in my brain. I picture bright blue water that meets with white refined sand and I see tall palm trees with luscious-looking coconuts swaying with the wind when I look above me. That’s what I see, but unfortunately I was never able to add a smell to my crazy unrealistic deserted island fantasy, that is, until now. This is my deserted island smell, sweet coconut with a hint of vanilla, lightly salted (yes I can smell salt) and with a hint of another tropical scent that I can’t quite put my finger on. Now, I work around many guys, so I can always tell if something smells good, I’m not going to lie, I get some satisfaction when I see a guy do a double take with his nose when I walk by, and when I use Trichomania (with no other hair products) that’s exactly what happens. The first time I used it several co-workers commented on the smell of my not-so-healthy locks, but one in particular, inhaled, smiled and said “something smells like a luxurious beach!” Bingo. Yes, that’s what it smells like, and I love it so much. The smell will linger, but I find that this is only the case when I use no other hair products, which for me is almost impossible considering I love my R&B hair moisturizer. Now on to what I consider the more important aspect of this product, this is targeted for dry, unruly, coarse hair. It promises to deliver soft-to-the-touch shiny locks of hair while also moisturizing without being greasy. Does it deliver? Well, mostly, yes.  You see, my hair is quite strange and picky, I have normal roots but super-fried dry ends due to all the mistreatment that my hair undergoes, not only that but if I don’t use some kind of anti-frizz serum or cream, it looks like I stuck a fork in an electric outlet, in other words, it’s not exactly attractive. Trichomania managed to moisturize and nurture my hair, leaving it shiny and pretty soft, but (yes there is a but) the first time I used it, it left my roots totally greasy. That’s something that had never happened to my hair before, but I managed, since the rest of my head loved Trichomania. After using it a few more times, I found a way to make it work for me; I lightly rub it on my scalp, and then soak my hair in with water (this makes it lather amazingly well), next I run it through the rest of my hair, being more generous to the ends of my hair, and voila! When followed by my Jungle solid conditioner and my R&B my hair feels oh-so-luxurious, it’s pretty cool, I mean for someone who has my hair type, it’s almost miraculous, and to think I was about to chop you off dear hair of mine.
Overall I’m pretty impressed with this product; a couple of things to keep in mind though if you do want to try this, is the fact that as with any unusual product, there is a learning curve to this. Don’t expect to just rub this all over your head and be ready to star in a Pantene commercial, it’s just not going to happen, but if you work with it and you have the right hair type, this little white bar can become your best friend. Another thing to keep in mind, is storage, if you buy this, it’s best to cut it up in small pieces and use them cautiously, if you keep the whole entire bar in the shower all the time, it will dissolve much quicker, and you won’t get as much bang for your buck. Hope you found this rather-lengthy review helpful. And if somewhere out there, someone with my hair type is reading this blog, bless your soul, I know how much you’ve suffered!
Ok I’m done being melodramatic, but really, hair is hard!
Have a great rest of your Sunday <3

Here is another close up of Trichomania before you go..Quesadillas anyone? ;)

-Angie <3

Here is the review that I posted on Lush' website, in case you were interested

Originally submitted at LUSH USA

Delightfully coconutty, this is the shampoo for those of you with dry, over-processed and flyaway hair that need help putting it back in its place. Not only does the creamed coconut smell delicious, it moisturizes your hair and weighs it down just enough so that it's not frizzing all over. Use ...

Simply delicious!
By Laurangie from San Diego, CA on 8/27/2012

4out of 5
When you survey your stash, you label this product: Life-Saver
Hair Type: Wavy Hair
Pros: Gentle, Cleans Thoroughly, Lathers Well, Tames my mane, Great Smell, Improves Hair Health, Adds Shine
Cons: Dissolves too quickly, Greasy
Best Uses: Dry hair, Thicker Hair, Curly Hair
Describe Yourself: Product Junkie
I love this! I have extremely dry ends, and this maages to make them look lees like broom straws and more like hair :) The only thing is that because this is quite moisturizing for me it made my roots a tad greasy, but I chaged the way I apply it and no more greasyness! and the smell...oh my's amazeballs. I completely adore. There is defintely a learning curve to this, but once you figure out what works best for you, it's a great product, but only if you have dry hair.
Does anyone else think it looks like cheese? lol
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