Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spring and Summer Nails =)

I don’t know about you but when I think of Spring or Summer I think COLOR! After all the black, gray, navy, and all those other winter colors it’s invigorating to bring out the color back into your wardrobe and spicing up your looks. But it doesn’t end there, what’s even better than bringing color to your wardrobe? Bringing color to your nails!!!  Here are a few of my favorites at the moment. Hopefully they help kindle a spring/summer vibe in you ;)


*From left to Right*

  1. Charged Up Cherry by OPI-This beautiful bright pink polish is absolutely GORGEOUS! It’s quite feminine and simply screams summer
  2. A Grape Fit! by OPI- This isn’t a bright polish per say, more of a pastel, by nonetheless colorful and flattering. This was actually a gift, and definitely not a color I would have purchased on my own but every time I wear it, I’m guaranteed to receive a compliment =)
  3. Purple Rain by Color Me- Unfortunately I bought this at a local nail salon, Happy Nails (best nail salon EVER) so it probably won’t be easy to find but it’s just a deeper purple with a shiny finish, you don’t even need to apply a topcoat really. I’ve been wearing this color on my toes for like the past two weeks and I catch myself staring down at my toes constantly!
  4. Vicious by Color Me- Again this was from a Happy Nails salon but it’s just an ordinary bright red (comparable to Stunning Scarlet by Sally Hanson). Red nails are a classic, whether it’s summer, winter, fall, you name it you can’t go wrong with a red polish. It’s quite sexy as well.
  5. Note to Self by OPI for Sephora- I bought this polish last summer and I probably wore it every day! Now that summer is right around the corner again I’ve brought it back out and have fallen in love all over again
  6. Need Sunglasses? by OPI- You can’t get much brighter than this haha but I think that’s why I got this polish. It’s definitely the brightest in my collection and I can’t really say much about it rather than it looks great on those poolside or beach days.
  7. Coney Island Cotton Candy by OPI- When you’re in need of a break from all the color or just want something different a nude like this one is absolutely perfect! As with the red, you can’t go wrong with a nude polish. These differ amongst everyone though so keep that in mind! Even though this might be the perfect nude for me (I have a tan-ish skin tone) you might need something a little lighter, a little darker, the choice is yours ;)

Happy Mother's Day to all you mom's and to the daughters/sons hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating in honor of your mom's =)

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