Saturday, May 14, 2011

ColorStay...or should you go?

Angie says:
Hello all! Hope you are having a happy friday!
I wanted to do a review of the ColorStay foundation by Revlon. I think I have had mine for about three weeks now and after testing it everyday, i feel i can give an honest and accurate opinion :). I am sure that if you google this foundation you will find sooooo many reviews on the product, which is why i kinda hesitated about making this review. However after giving it some thought i decided i would put my two cents in and tell you what I think. :) Lets start with the basics, price. This is one thing i don't like about the ColorStay, since it is a drugstore product, i was expecting it to be less than $10, which is not the case, i got mine for $13.99 at Walgreens. Now that i got that out of the way, I am going to tell you a more detailed description of this product. This is definitely a matte foundation, no shimmer, shine or dewyness anywhere, so if you like a more dewy finish, this is not for you. There is two kinds of formulas with this foundation, one is for dry skin and the other one is more oily/combination skin. I have combination skin, so i chose the one that would suit my skin best. When i first got this product i had a huge problem with the aplication, i had heard that this product was very comparable to the Studio Fix Fluid foundation by MAC (which i also own) and i found the aplication to be much more difficult than with MAC. ColorStay just dries so quickly! It was very hard to blend at first and sometimes i would end up using so much product because the one drop that i would put on my face to later spread all over would dry in seconds, literally. Tried to make my peace with it by applying with a stippling brush..FAIL. My last attempt (of course..) at blending this properly into my skin was with a damp make up sponge and this was truly the answer to my make up prayers. It left my skin with a flawless finish and i do mean FLAWLESS. Now, is it comparable to the MAC Studio Fix Fluid? Yes, very much so, except that the ColorStay did not make me break out like the MAC foundation did. The finish you get with both is really flawless and both of these products have amazing coverage! I was also very impressed with the durability of this foundation (ColorStay) because for whatever reason, one day i forgot to set my foundation with powder and after an 8 hour workday, my make up was still intact and my skin still looked flawless.
I really enjoy this product very much, after discovering how great it looks on my skin i don't even mind paying a little more than i usually pay for drugstore foundation. This is a great product, if you want the quality of high end foundation but with a price that is a bit more friendly, then i say give it a try!

PS. I tried to upload pictures to this post..but for some reason it did not work :( sad day!

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