Friday, May 27, 2011

My High End Lipstick Collection :)

Angie says :
Chances are if you know me really well, you know that I am completely in love with lipsticks. I love the texture of lipsticks, the sophisticated finish that they give the face and the endless range of colors that they offer. Today i want to share with you my high end lipstick collection, what I mean with "high end" is my lipsticks that cost $12 or more and just so you know, I am completely on love with all of these shades, I do adore some more than others, but all in all I am really happy with all of these little tubes of joy.

so here they are!
Top Row and from left to right: Flirt's Lipstick in "poppy", Flirt's Lipstick in "wicked" and Mary Kay's Lipstick in "frosted rose"

Poppy: $12 available at kohls and only.
Poppy is a really nice frosted pink kind of shade, it looks like something barbie would wear, i enjoy this shade a lot, especially when I am a little tan, it brightens up my face really beautifully!

Wicked:$12 available at kohls and only.
This is by far, the prettiest red i have ever found, its very much warm toned, it is more towards orange than any other undertone and it looks magnificent with my skin. However i do have to wear a very toned down eye with this one, as it always wants to steal the show!

Frosted Rose: $13 available at
This is a really special shade, it is definitely neutral, so it is very wearable. It looks like a nice dark berry shade on my lips and it goes with almost anything I put on my eyes, I do feel like i always have to wear bronzer with this one, as it makes me look kinda pale....maybe..cus I AM pale?:P

Bottom Row and from left to right, these are all MAC lipsticks. Shades are:  Vegas Volt, Viva Glam Gaga 2, Cremecup, Impassioned and Costa Chic.

Vegas Volt: $14.50 available at MAC counters and
I dont even know where to start with this lippie, it is definitely one of my favorites of my entire collection, it is a really nice pink corally shade. Before I saw this color I had never come accross such a unique shade. You know what it reminds me of? Mary thats right, it reminds me of the makeup that Mary Poppins and the Mom in the movie used to wear, this lipstick is a tad bit more pink though, it is definitely not identical.

Viva Glam Gaga 2: $14.50 available at MAC counters and
ok, first of all, my camera is being pretty cruel with all of these beautiful colors, not very true at all. Most of these look so much better in person, but this one, this one my camera was really really cruel to. It almost looks yellow and it is not yellow at all. In fact, it is a very nice nude shade, it is more on the brown side than most nudes i have come accross with. I really love this lipstick because it is soooo versatile, pair it with ANY lipliner and you can completely transform it! This is def. another fave!

Cremecup: $14.50 available at MAC counters and
This is another nude, but this is a pink nude, to me it is the kind of lippie you would wear if you were wearing a really smokey eye, and it does look faboulous with a nice dark eye! It's kinda sheer, so you have to be a but generous with it if you want a nice color payoff, but all in all, i really enjoy it.

Impassioned: $14.50 available at MAC counters and
"oh dear" that's what I said when I saw this color in is definitely not for the weak of heart, its bold and it is pink. HOT HOT HOT pink..did i mention it was hot pink? so far i have only worn it out about three times, when I feel adventourous :) but when i do i get sooo many compliments. This one also makes me look more pale than i am, so i either have to be tan, or put on some bronzer to pull this off, but it is totally worth it.

Costa Chic: $14.50 available at MAC counters and
This one is really similar to poppy (if you can't tell..i like pink toned lipsticks lol) but this has a bit of coral to it, not a lot but just enough :)i like wearing this one with a nice neutral eye and nice black winged eyeliner on the top of my lids. It looks really sophisticated and classy that way.

well thats it! Thats my high end lipstick collection...i might do a drugstore lipstick collection soon..maybe :)

Hope you enjoyed me blabbing!
Happy Friday.

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