Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mermaid: A Halloween look!

When Halloween is aproaching, I always find myself looking through my makeup drawers and creating certain looks in my head. I love playing around with my makeup, It's just soooo much fun. Anyway I hope you enjoy my mermaid look.
The first thing that I did was put a medium coverage foundation on my face, then I put some blush and some micabella pigments on my face, some were blue, some were green and some were purple. I mainly did that on my forehead. Then I started with the eyeshadow, I put a light gold eyeshadow all over my lid, a teal eyeshadow on the outer half of my lid and a light purple in my crease. On my lips I'm wearing one of my favorite lipsticks, that I dont get to wear often simply because its not something that I can pull off on an everyday basis. The Lipstick is D'lilac by Limecrime. I think it's pretty obvious that I'm wearing falsies lol. Anyway, when I was playing around with the lash glue, I started dotting lash glue on my face...not knowing where I was going with it, I ended taking a  q-tip, dipping it into one of my favorite pigments from Sugarpill and making some scale looking things. I wish I would have spent more time on this step, but I wasn't feeling very well :( But you basically get the idea.
I think some of those pigments on my face, made it look like my face was wet, which was a nice effect.

Hope you enjoyed the look :) Have a Nice Wednesday :D

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