Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Michelle!!

Today Michelle turned 21!! I am so excited for her, but at the same time pretty sad since she lives pretty far and i only get to see her about twice a year :/ Today i just wanted to take you down to memory lane...yaaaaaay and show you some of our pictures from back in high school :D
our high school years!! i love all these girls soooo much :)

the hunt for the perfect winter formal dress, it would have not been the same without you Michelle.
I love you!!

This picture makes me laugh, first because we are so goofy looking in it, and second because at the time, i would never wear this dress and now i actually think its pretty cute :D
and the actual winter formal dance!! it was such a special night, it would have not been the same without my michelle.
of course we werent always so ...glamourous, but its ok, it was high school and we were still rocking them glasses.
Then there were also times when Forever 21 would kick us out of their fitting rooms...but we wont discuss that :D

Michelle, there are so many reasons why i love you, but today on your special day. I decided i would list 21 of those reasons. Enjoy!
  1. you kinda look like Vanessa Hudgens, just admit it already!
  2. I can be in the crappiest mood ever and all you have to say is "baby you can have whatever you like" and suddendly I'm smiling!
  3. I can tell you I love you without anyone knowing what I'm saying and i just know that you verb me tamales :)
  4. We can stay on the phone for hours and never run out of things to say
  5. We will randomly text each other song lyrics and text a whole song to each other by the end of the day.
  6. There is no one else that eats cookie dough ice cream under a big puffy blankie with me.
  7. We can have fun while staying at home, doing nothing but talk about make up.
  8. I love you because we will take over 60 pictures together, and we both are equally picky that we will only like 5.
  9. I love you because even though you are one of the most beautiful girls i know, you are very humble about your looks.
  10. I love you because you said "why dont we just go to the carritooo" like you were born in a barrio in east L.A.
  11. I love you because back in high school, you though Max was yours, but really he was mine :P
  12. You are honest with me all the time but never rude.
  13. You spilled gasoline all over my pants. Yes, that is one of the reasons i love you.
  14. You love my homemade chessecake <3
  15. We can watch friends all day and never get bored.
  16. We finish each other sentences. yup thats cheessy.
  17. We went out partying before my wedding and i forgot my ID and you stuck with me till the end of the night even though after i got my ID we only ended up dancing like 30 minutes lol
  18. Because you are so hot, that i immediatly feel hotter when im with you.
  19. We think youtube is probably the best invention ever.
  20. You have stuck with me and conforted me through all my break ups and I know I wasn't so easy to be around some of those times.
  21. I love you because we have been through so many things together, that you dont feel like a friend anymore. You feel like my sister, my partner in crime, my personal shopper, my make up artist, my psychologist, my dentist and my endless bear hug provider. Happy Birthday Michelle!


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