Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wishlist: April 2012

You would think that after my amazing birthday gifts I would no longer want to purchase anything, yeah well, let’s face it, I’m a full time make up junkie/hoarder, and I simply can’t get enough ha-ha.
Here are some products that have been on my radar for a while, and mark my words; some of these WILL be mine, eventually.

1.       An Inglot palette. Holy smokes, I have been drooling for one of these babies for over a year. A year! Quite frankly I’m surprised I don’t own one already, but since I have waited so long to get one anyway, I ‘m just going to wait until IMATS LA to get one, a couple months more of waiting won’t hurt me I guess.

2.       Make Up Forever Smokey Lash. I have wanted to try this mascara for a long time as well, however I used to be a strong believer in the uselessness of high end mascaras. I mean if my falsies and my sexy curves work just fine, why try something that’s about 3 times the price? If you are looking for logic in this beauty blog, please be aware, you’ll find none. I simply want to try the mascara because I have read countless good reviews, and I am extremely curious to see if I will still prefer my drugstore mascaras over this one, if I still do prefer drugstore, curiosity will die and I won’t break bank every time I run out of mascara. However if I don’t, my husband will probably divorce me ha-ha.

3.       NYX Cream Blushes. I already own one of these, and I love the formula, the staying power and the pigmentation, however, I never wear it. I grabbed the NYX cream blush that I already own quite fast and without much thought, what was I thinking grabbing a hot pink color that I would never wear?? I have no idea. Now that I know I love the formula, I’m looking forward to owning a couple more colors. Yay.

4.       Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. I have a gut feeling that this won’t be much different than the Real Techniques buffing brush, which I already own and love, but my great infatuation over Real Techniques will probably win me over, and I will probably buy this brush as soon as it is back in stock at Ulta.com. Hopefully that will be sooner, rather than later. 

5.       AG The Oil. I got a sample of this amazingness, about a month ago, and it totally blew my socks off. No, really. As soon I put this product on my hair it made it so much smoother and shiny. The smell was pretty amazing too. What I also love about this is that I actually wouldn’t have to make my wallet cry to buy it, as it is pretty reasonably priced.


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