Monday, February 20, 2012

one of everything!! a make up diet :D

Angie says:

Hello Ladies! Some of you might already be aware that I am planning on going on a makeup diet, if you weren’t well, now you are! This whole idea came about when I was watching one of Experimentalbeauty’s project pan updates. I gotta say, this girl has will power, I am pretty sure that she has done some kind of makeup diet more than once, which I admire so much. That’s how the seed of this idea was planted in my head, but I didn’t take it seriously until I was at CVS coupon in hand and was struggling to find something I actually wanted. It literally took me about a half hour to spend 5 dollars, I just didn’t need or really want anything from there that usually never happens to me, I always want something beauty related, always! That same night as I got home and opened my beauty drawer to put my new purchase in, I realized I was running out of space. I had been running out of space for a while though, I had in the past month, rearranged my beauty drawers countless times, and frankly I was getting a bit tired of it. I usually buy make up at least twice a week, not huge amounts of makeup, or even expensive makeup, but most of the things I buy are unnecessary items, I buy them either because they are on sale, or because I have some kind of coupon. I’m talking to you, CVS and Target 
So the decision was made, I am on a makeup diet, it’s not a 10-pan project though, I am only allowing myself a new makeup item when I finish one of everything that I own, this includes:
1 moisturizer
1 face primer
1 Foundation
1 concealer
1 powder
1 eye primer
1 eyeshadow (but also hit pan on two others)
1 eyeliner
1 mascara
1 eyebrow product
1 blush
1 bronzer ( I actually might just try to hit pan on this one, because I almost never wear bronzer)
1 lip balm
1 lipstick
1 lipliner
1 lip gloss
1 lip plumper
1 lip stain
That’s it! 18 products to go lol, I know it is going to take a while, so I allowed myself one last splurge. I finally purchased the Soleil tan de Chanel or Bronze Universel, I can’t even tell you how long I have wanted this product, but the price tag always made me not get it. On that same note, two days before I reached my decision about the diet I placed an order on for some Barry M lip paints, so expect swatches and a review of those!
The rules:
No makeup item to be purchased at all, unless I have finished all the products I have mentioned above.
Exceptions: I’m not counting hair care, as I usually never spend much in that department, also I am excluding certain tools, such as cotton rounds, q –tips and baby wipes. Maybe even tweezers, since I tend to lose those so much lol.
That’s it! I hope I can do this and actually stick to my rules, it’s going to be hard but I think I can do it.
What do you gals think??

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