Friday, December 9, 2011

The curious case of the Sephora Giftcard...

Hello all!! Good morning :) It is 7:00 am right now and I am sitting at starbucks with some time to kill, so I thought I would share a story with you all. A few months ago my husband and I received an envelope in the mail that did NOT belong to us, it was purple and it looked like some sort of greeting card was inside. We put it aside and said to ourselves that we would return it to the sender some time later. That was back in October haha. Well, last night as I was cleaning out a drawer in our kitchen, I found it again! I was pretty distracted listening to some Katy Perry song while cleaning, that without thinking about it, I opened it! I don't know what I was thinking, I think maybe in my head I was hoping that it was a wedding card that we never opened, that I didn't even bother to read the heading of the envelope. Well, it wasn't a wedding card. In fact, it was a birthday card to someone named Ashley and what are the chances..a Sephora Giftcard inside. Let me rephrase, a $50 dollar Sephora Giftcard. Did you get that? SEPHORA. Ahem, excuse me, I seem to be getting excited just thinking about it. After I had just finished a conversation with an old friend and confessing my love of makeup to him, I stumbled accross this giftcard. Oh and it was torture, I quickly called Michelle, and we thought of the possibilities, we thought we could do a giveaway for the blog, we thought we could buy some products to review (all in the name of the blog of course!!). We ended our conversation on the phone by agreeing to return it, it just didn't feel right to spend something that wasn't ours. Oh, but then I talked to my husband. We talked about it for about 20 minutes, and during that time we revisited the possibility of not returning it, some of our excuses were the fact that I had already opened it, and it was sent way back in October. We were lusting after the card indeed, well, mainly just me, but Andrew loves to see me happy, and since I have been a bit down lately, I know that he just wanted to see me smile. Don't worry, after a few minutes we realized we certainly couldn't keep it, it would have been wrong. Since I didn't damage the envelope much, I was able to tape it back up and return to the sender. I wrote an apologetic note on the inside too, man I was so embarrased! And now that I am writing this I am even more embarrased that I thought about keeping it. Just because I have been a little sad lately does not give me the right to take something that's not mine, end of story. I hope that the card gets given to the right person, and I hope that she buys lots of makeup goodies :)
Well that's it, that's my little story! Hope you guys have an awesome day. I know I will!


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  1. Good for you! Karma will work in your favor and revisit you tenfold for doing the right thing.